Nine Guests for a Crime


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“Recreation” was supposed to be the motto of the vacation which wealthy patriarch Uberto planned on spending together with eight of his family members on his private island. There can be no talk of relaxation, though, since harmony seems to be a very alien concept for this clan: The juniors hate each other’s guts and have a thing for pinching their neighbor’s wife – who themselves are an illustrious bunch of hobby psychics, hoes and half-nuts. The merry game of adultery finds a sudden end, however, when the first kinsman turns into a corpse. Apparently, a mysterious killer is wreaking havoc on the island. As the dead bodies pile up, and the nerves of the remaining vacationers are more and more on the edge, the dirty and gruesome secrets from the past come to the shiny bright light of the summer isle…

With his interpretation of the “Ten Little Indians”, sleaze-meister Ferdinando Baldi delivers a grimy crime-and-punishment-giallo extraordinaire. Genre-favorites sex and violence are frequent visitors, and the all-star-cast including Arthur Kennedy, Massimo Foschi and Venantino Venantini are kept busy with undressing saucily and dying picturesquely to the beats of Carlo Savina’s fantastic film score.

Italian Genre Cinema Collection No. 13

  •  runtime: 1 hour 28 minutes (original uncut version)
  • Italian (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
  • 1.85:1 (anamorph) / PAL
  • subtitles: English, German (optional)

bonus features:

  • featurette “Nine Little Indians”* featuring actor Massimo Foschi
  • audio commentary* by film historian Christian Keßler and Marcus Stiglegger
  • picture gallery
  • Italian trailer
  • booklet* with an essay by Kai Naumann and an interview with production designer Giovanni Licheri.

*English friendly

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